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Traditional tape backup systems are difficult to manage, slow to operate, prone to failure and require manual intervention. Tapes need to be taken off-site to ensure complete safety in the event of a disaster and can deteriorate over time; problems often only discovered when you need to restore your data.

In light of this consideration should be given to an online backup solution whereby your data is streamed securely over an Internet connection to a UK data centres.

Benefits of Cloud Backup solution:-

Reduced management time.  The backup is scheduled and backs-up the required data automatically without any further human intervention.

Reduced recovery time. Files and folders can be recovered quickly and easily (subject to Internet access bandwidth limitations).

Improved data recovery rates. Recovering data from tapes can sometimes be difficult. With Cloud Backup data is stored on two separate hard disk drives in separate locations.

Improved data security. With data held securely off-site, there is no risk of forgetting to take conventional backup tapes physically off-site every evening.

Cloud backup procedures are monitored to ensure that the backup are successful.






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