Peter Sarchet Jewellers

Local Company providing the right level of support.


We are a small local company using bespoke in house software, with one person responsible for all IT and automated administration issues. It was therefore very important to choose a local company which could support our business in the knowledge areas we were initially lacking (e.g. hardware, networking and security). We have therefore been sourcing our IT requirements from P3 Computers since 2001 and we have always been very happy with their products and most importantly their after sales service.

We choose P3 Computers rather than a national company because we felt that the support they are able to offer would be more productive, cost effective and beneficial then using a larger profile national company. Just as important to us, our investment in IT is supporting a local business and jobs. Their staff are very professional and their products are always of a consistently high quality and build with excellent reliability, which we feel represents good value for money.


Frank Brierley, Software Developer And Company Administrator




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Client Peter Sarchet Jewellers