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Essential Tips for Protecting Your Data

What with so many scams, infections & Ransomware out there at the moment.  We feel that we must stress again how important it is to have a good valid backup of your important data. 

Some people do not have any backups at all !! (We need to talk!!….)
Some people do have a backup but, it remains onsite sat next to the computer, What happens if there is a fire?

Most people take digital pictures on their phones etc and keep these on their computer, if the computer is lost, stolen, damaged by fire etc, then without any backup all these memories are lost
The same goes for business users, consider how would your business continue if all your data, customer & product records etc were lost for good??

So, we have complied some essential tips, for HOME & BUSINESS users


1.  Backup Backup Backup!  As it is our mantra, so too should it be yours.  Always keep a copy of your data on some other media and test it periodically. Secure at least one copy of your data at another location, this could even be the cloud.

2.   Invest the time and money in a good comprehensive backup strategy. Call P3 01282 424 041 and we can help you develop one.  If you already have something in place make sure you understand how it works, that it works, and how to recover your data if the time comes.

3.  Backup and verify your data before upgrading your system.

4.   Business Users should invest in a backup battery for your File Servers. Also called a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), these devices can be a lifesaver by avoiding data corruption when the power suddenly goes down or there is a power fluctuation.

5.  Turn off or disconnect your external storage devices only after shutting down the computer to avoid possible data corruption

6.   Run a reputable anti-virus solution and keep it updated! We are of the opinion that FREE Anti Virus solutions are free for a reason…

7.  Do not move a drive while it is operating. If you’ve ever picked up an external hard drive when it is operating you probably noticed a cool gyroscopic effect. Neat, eh? Now put it back down and don’t do that again. Wait until the drive is off and has stopped spinning before picking it up.

8.  Give your computers and peripheral equipment lots of room to breathe. Don’t stack things next to or around them that will block the air intakes and ability to cool themselves. If they are too hot, they’ll let you know by shutting down right when you need them most.

9.  If the drive was previously in a very cold environment allow it to warm to room temperature before operating.

10.   If you hear unusual noises from the drive, like a repeated clicking sound, turn the device off and call us immediately on 01282 424 041. The hard drive is dying and it would be better to save any data NOW before it completely dies!

As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01282 424 041

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