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Scam-ta Claus is coming to town

Scam-ta Claus is coming to town

Online shoppers should be especially careful of any emails they receive in the run up to the Christmas season.

New scams are being created by hackers to trap unwitting internet users – using methods such as phishing emails and social media scams.
Jozef Kinder, General Manager for P3 Computers, gives shoppers some helpful advice to stay safe this Christmas.

“Everyone likes to get a bargain when it comes to shopping for their nearest and dearest. However, those countdown deals or too-good-to-be-true offers force people to shop with their heart rather than their head. If on the move, be aware that surfing the net on public Wi-Fi hotspots can leave you’re extremely vulnerable, your personal details such as usernames, passwords and financial data wide open to attack.”

“ Also while browsing Facebook and Twitter in your downtime may seem harmless, social media is often rife with scam deals especially during busy periods.
“Watch out for fake brand accounts, fake gift card scams and fake business pages.”

He said that while social networks are a great way of keeping in touch with friends, they also hold vast amounts of personal data that can be exploited by cyber criminals to send convincing, and targeted, spoof emails.

“Keep your wits about you when shopping online. If a deal looks too good to be true – it probably is.”
“Do all you can to check that the retailer is genuine and that the deal is legitimate before handing over any personal information or bank details.”
“And, as much as it pains you, keep an eye on your bank accounts over the Christmas period for any transactions that look suspicious.”

One way to protect yourself is to use strong, unique passwords. And it is never a good idea to use the same password on multiple accounts.

Another piece of advice is to keep an eye on website URLs and only make significant purchases over secure websites that use HTTPS. The websites that use this allow sensitive information such as credit card data to be transmitted securely.

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