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What is a Backup…..

What is a Backup…..


No Obligation Assessment Of Your Current Backup Solution.

In computing the phrase “backup” means to copy files to a second medium as a precaution in case the first medium fails.

One of the cardinal rules in using computers is back up your files regularly and also to confirm that the backup has been completed successfully.

This applies to Home Users as well as Business Users – we are forever encountering customers who have just lost all their family photos or several years of course work and now realise the importance of backup….

If you copy your work to a pendrive and then delete it from your computer –

Even the most reliable computer is liable to break-down at some point so many professionals recommend that you make two, or even three, backups of all your files and ideally, you should keep one backup in a different location from the others.

You can back up files using operating system commands, or you can buy a special-purpose backup program. These backup programs often compress the data so that backups require less space.

Most businesses employ complete backup solutions that provides storage on removable media, data compression, automatic backups to offsite storage with automated scheduling to increase the reliability of the backups.

Some of the backup solutions that we offer include Bare Metal, Cloud, USB, Cartridge, Network

If you like a FREE assessment of your current backup solution please call any of the P3 Team on 01282 424041


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