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Windows 10 – No longer an optional update…

Microsoft has now changed the Windows 10 upgrade from


Meaning that this will now automatically rollout and install during the Windows Update process without your permission and potentially may cause issues.

Issues and problems that may arise include:-

-If your business uses software that is incompatible with Windows 10.
-The update process can take at least 1 to 2 hours to complete. (You cannot use your PC while the upgrade is installing)
-Potential data loss and further downtime in the event of a failed update

IF you decide that you DO NOT WANT WINDOWS 10 UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – We can suppress the update for you.

Call us on 01280 424 041 and we can raise a support ticket for a Technician to call you and complete this by remote

As always should you have any questions what so ever please do not hesitate to contact P3.


One thought on “Windows 10 – No longer an optional update…”

  1. Bunty
     ·  Reply

    I turned off automatic updates, will this stop windows 10 installing?

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