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Windows 10.. Yes or No…

Our impression so far...


Our impression so far…

Windows 10 is two weeks old today and so far here at P3 we’ve seen upgrades go through quickly, seamlessly, and without any issues after the process.

We’ve also seen some that were not so plain sailing. The upgrade process might fail, or it might complete but then issues arise such as:-
you can’t get online, your anti-virus might not work, surround-sound speakers might only play stereo or, even though the installation is complete there may be missing features!

The good news is that systems that go wrong are in the minority, and if they do go wrong we can fix the issues or undo the installation and revert back to your old system, be it Windows 7 or 8.

So, what’s it like? It seems to me to be a really interesting “mash-up” of features of 7 and 8 plus the digital assistant Cortana that Windows phone users have had for a while.

Cortana requires a Microsoft online account, and because it learns about you as you use it, it has a fairly in-depth privacy policy. Anybody concerned about privacy should go through Windows 10 with a fine tooth-comb and tweak the settings to their liking. Windows 10 (Unlike 8) doesn’t insist on you creating a Microsoft account before you even start to use it but you will need a Microsoft account linked to a payment card if you wish to purchase anything from the Windows Store. (Just don’t spend all your hard earned cash on that money pit they call Candy Crush Saga)

Navigating around Windows 10 is nice and familiar, even if you go straight from Windows 7 to 10. The start menu is where the styles of 7 and 8 come together most obviously, with the left hand column more like 7, and the right hand column more like 8. On tablet computers, the right hand column can be expanded to full-screen to feel more like Windows 8.

In our opinion the biggest bug-bear is the distinction between the Settings app and the Control Panel. Goodness knows, finding a setting can be hard enough on a new system, and insisting on having a basic Settings app and then a more involved Control Panel only adds to the confusion; this distinction is probably the most annoying thing carried over from 8 but I suppose at least once you’ve got your computer configured how you want, you should rarely need to change anything!

So do we advise taking the plunge? Yes! If you don’t like it, you have thirty days to undo the changes and go back to your old Windows so you have nothing to lose. And getting Windows 10 means that when support runs out for Windows 7 in a little more than four years, you’re covered.

Just one last thing to add about the installation process – Your computer will have already downloaded Windows 10 if you reserved a copy. When you start to install it, it will check online for one last update before applying. Given that Microsoft’s update servers are under great strain, it might take as much as an hour (or more) to check for these updates! If you skip them, there’s a chance you’ll miss something that makes the install less likely to go wrong.

David Smith – Technician at P3 Computers for 9 years
P3 RATING:- 8.5 out of 10 

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